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What do you think is the best way to improve academic listening skills?

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Wilson Couto, Brazil
In my opinion, the best way to improve academic listening skills is to practice this competence by watching movies with native english speakers from different countries. Another tip, is to set the subtitles to the english language too, so you can also improve your reading skils.

Hamed Altairi , Yemen
Good preparation is what a university student needs to improve his/her academic listening skills. For example, a student has to read something about the topic that will be discussed in the lecture. This will definitely help the student in two ways. First, pre-reading gives an idea of what the student expects to be discussed. Second, if there is something not clear when reading, then the student will be ready with questions to ask. These are sure enough to improve academic listening skills.

Ericsem, Brazil
That's really importatnt, how can I learn better? In my poor oipinion, the short and funny way is listen to a lot of programs and audios in english to try to understand the words, the expressions, the sounds, the pronounces, the jokes and so on.

Kujtim, Kosova
the best way to improve listening skills in my opinion is practising listening everyday like watching tv,listening to different documentarys and also listening the news,,the more you listen the more you train your ear to percept words

Mortaza, Iran
I think there are a number of factors that can improve students' academic listening skills: 1. students' general proficiency in English is a crucial factor. 2. students should be provided with ample opportunities to get familiar with the genre of their field. 3. they need some training in how to get the main ideas, how to take notes, and how to be active participants by having their own share and judgement 4. they need to have access to recorded lectures along with some tasks that contribute to the above mentioned skills.

I think listening to music is the best way to improve our listening skills.Because we enjoy listening to music and are entertained by it without any boring thing.

Mai moc, Vietnam
In my opinion, I think we should try to listen more and more, whenever we can

Yu-Wen, Ling, Taiwan
There are a number of methods to improve ones listening skills. As far as I am concerned, previewing the lecture would be the magic bullet.Take myself for example. My mother language is Chinese, whereas, my major in the university is English literatures. As a result, I indulge myself in English-speaking environment day by day. I have got to highlight that there is no need to spend a bunch of money to go to cram schools to learn English. If you are a music-junkie, listening to English tracks can sharpen ur listening skill without a doubt. To put it differently, watching flicks or news with English subtitles or pronunciation can train listeners quite well. The reason is that I benefit a lot from these flicks, such as Britains' got talent, Gossip Girl and Sex and the city.Take my word for it. After spending time on the listening training. Not only can fully understand my British professors' lectures fully, but get 'dazzling' grades on English oral tests. Isn't it kill two birds with one stone.Last but not least, it takes great patient and perseverance to attain ones goal(listening accomplishment). I am convinced that once the man can preview the lecture in advance, watching to related flicks or documentary and be patient to training intercourse. There would be amazing outcome!!!

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